Some people think a DJ magically appears at the finest hotels, restaurants, catering facilities or the coolest places like film openings, political rallies & more.

I wish this was true, but our presence is usually there because of the time & effort of building relationships over years (or decades!) of delivering good service combined with follow up skills & more.

It all has almost nothing to do with good music, but rather good business!   I surely appreciate being “on the vendor list” for a facility.  But the internet cold call feels a bit demeaning when  I’m in the same basket as “just a DJ” or conceivably someone who recently purchased a set of equipment!. Admittedly, many started this way but longevity requires far more skills for the long term & the ability to survive lean years, business, and even personal loss.

I’ve always emphasized that I can bring potential clients to our partners given the opportunity and I’ve served on many industry boards to drive this point home.  

It pays off when others understand your skill set.  Katrina (my wife & business partner) & I were recently brought on board in a new catering & event venture as partners to Royal Palm Events at Madison Green Golf & Country Club in Royal Palm Beach.   After years of bumpy management, marketing, and catering, we’ve spent the last 5 months in time, sweat equity, and money with our partners picking up the pieces & rebranding this place what it should be!  The results have been so good as we recently had 117 new potential clients come through the doors for our open house

Above: Our open house, clients & vendors make for a great time!

It’s been great so far & we’re really proud to be there as Disc Jockey company AND in the capacity of marketing & events directors.

We’ve included trustworthy trusted business & event vendor partners.  I eappreciate the vision that our team is sharing together & fully anticipate the next few years to bring great things for us, our clients, & trusted partners.   

Thanks for reading this.  Your input is welcome any time.  I’d love to hear from you!

Best Regards,

Bud Fleisher a/k/a “DJ Buddy”

Let’s Party! DJs

Events Director

Royal Palm Events @ Madison Green.