I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge a catering facility I love & my LONG time relationship with my friends & associates at Royal Fiesta of Deerfield Beach.

As a small business owner in South Florida for 20 years, I know that hands on ownership & involvement can make all the difference in the world in that there is a personal stake that goes beyond making a living.

Many can “get a job” looking online & submitting a resume’ but a leap into ownership can often mean NO paycheck after paying employees, insurances, and things we never thinking about when clocking out at 6PM.  There is however untold satisfaction in a job well done providing great service, and in our business, making people happy!

Me & Let’s Party! have already been at Royal Fiesta quite a bit this early in 2017 & in my ELEVEN YEARS as

South Florida Wedding Entertainment

a vendor there (I know this is going to sound crazy) I’ve noticed EVERY client is really nice!  As a DJ I have personally had a rip-roaring crazy time like the guests, I’ve cried at some weddings because the love in the air was palpable (I watched my dear neighbor grow up & marry there) and every, I mean every client has been so appreciative and up beat! 

If you’re reading this I know you’re already checking me & Let’s Party! out, so please, check them out too!

You’ll love Tami & Robert’s personal touch.  You’ll love their delicious food & packages.  You’ll LOVE that they have area for on premises ceremony, and you’ll LOVE that their right near hotels and beaches for your guest visits OR wedding ceremony.

If you call, tell them DJ Buddy & Let’s Party! Sent ya.

Photos FROM Royal Fiesta:

Palm Beach DJ