Some couples are excited about the idea of a bridal party featuring a ring bearer, a flower girl, and loads of junior attendants. Others insist if they can’t drink legally, they can’t be there, thank you very much. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Does the idea of children joyfully dancing add to the fun of your day or are you looking forward to the grown-ups letting their hair down?

David Andrew Stoler of Salon writes an essay about why you should go out of your way to include kids. (“Because I will be there with you, we all will, just so full of gratitude for you and your inclusiveness…because your wedding will be the kindest, the loveliest…your wedding will win the day by celebrating exactly those things weddings are supposed to be celebrating.”)

If that made you cringe, Sabrina Rojas Weiss on Yahoo Style has your back. She notes, “…sometimes it’s the parents in attendance who would like to be partying with such abandon, and they can’t because their child is throwing a tantrum at the table.”

Being an entertainment business above all, we at LET’S PARTY have catered to both kid-friendly weddings and those that are strictly adult-only affairs. No matter which side of the spectrum you fall on–or even somewhere in between–we are happy to discuss with you the latest pop hits to keep the young ones moving, more traditional tunes to add to the romance of the event, plus whatever else you can think of. Even games to keep things lively! We always say, “It’s your event, not our show!”